Durham receives millions of visitors every year coming to experience the creativity and art that the city showcases via performances, visuals, food, and nature. It has a perceptible sense of culture and will forever be edged in America’s history as the location that ended the American Civil war. You can explore the nature scene, shopping and amusement centers, nightlife, performing arts, museums and science centers anytime you want since most of them operate throughout. You should check out the following places during your visit:

Durham Performing Arts Center

The DPAC has really proved to be a revelation for the art community. It is a state of the art facility featuring magnificent glass walls with modern angles and has a 2,700 seat capacity allowing the public to grace events and shows in numbers. The center is a destination for touring Broadway show productions, comedy events, concerts, the heralded American Dance Festival and family shows among various types of performances. The center hosts 200+ live performance events every year and ranks third for ticket sales and attendance in the U.S. For this reason, you need to book tickets early enough to have the best seat and also not miss out. There are also backstage tours available but you must make early bird reservations.

American Tobacco Historic District

Formerly the Lucky Strike cigarette factory, this place has been completely altered to a one–million–square–foot district entertainment and recreation district with tobacco production buildings redeveloped into apartments, offices, restaurants, parking garages, and shops. This place has deep roots in the tobacco industry and really thrived after the Civil War. Today it hosts events like concerts and art shows.

Eno River State Park

This is a great place to enjoy and explore nature with nearly 30 miles of hiking trails, it creates an outdoor essence that people can use to unwind in a peaceful space and get in touch with nature and their inner selves. It is the perfect place for an escape and can accommodate activities like camping, hiking, picnics, fishing, paddling, kayaking, canoeing and sightseeing.

When planning a visit to this place, you need to do it properly for you to enjoy the various amenities the city has to offer. There’s so much here that even locals have not exhausted the resources already available to them always discovering new activities to do. That is how vast the entertainment, sports, and education scene is in Durham. You can always depend on finding something new to learn and experience on any given day.